So, yeah, Fashion Week.

We’ve just had the Spring/Summer 2016 collections (but you knew that already) and for the first time I didn’t cover it for a magazine and it has been bliss. Well, not bliss. I got hired by Faustine Steinmetz, House of Holland and Thomas Tait for their shows and photographing at any show during Fashion Week is all chaos and sweating and trying not to get in the way, which is actually fun and many other things, just definitely not blissful. But this season has been different. Good different.

Now, don’t get me wrong, working for magazines is great – you get more exposure, see more collections and, frankly, get more exercise to work off those brownies and muffins you ate backstage at the Topshop show. But working for designers is equally great. You don’t spend time between shows running across the city in the rain, you get access other photographers don’t get and best of all, you get to feel part of the team, which you actually are! This is a cool feeling. Working for magazines at LFW is a bit like being a mercenary sent out to get the job done, and some shows almost treat you as such, but working in-house for designers is a little collaborative and more relaxed and, you know what, it also sometimes means a celebratory glass (or two) of bubbly after the show, which isn’t to be sniffed at!

There has also been the added bonus this season of being able to actually attend some of the things I get invited to for a change because I’m not manically buzzing around London like a demented bumble bee. Being a guest means getting to actually watch the show, like getting to enjoy eating the sausage without knowing how it’s made (weird analogy, but I think you get what I mean). Or it means getting to chat to designers at a presentation, maybe talk about collaborating, maybe dropping some names of people you’ve worked with… no, it definitely does mean that. Or it means a glass of bubbly placed in your hand upon arrival! (Bubbly is a Fashion Week staple. That or I just have an innate ability to sniff it out.)

But yeah, Fashion Week.

Some photos……

In order or pairs – House of Holland, Faustine Steinmetz & Thomas Tait