A blog about not blogging.

I have been told off. My website designer, as is par for the course for someone in his line of work, is a social media fiend. He doesn’t just talk about google analytics, he understands them too! He also happens to be one of my closest friends and pulls no punches when it comes to telling me what it is I am doing wrong, not least of all when it comes to this social media networking malarky. And so I have been told off. I am failing at this Insta-twitter-face-terest-agraming and whatnot, a most important aspect of freelancing.

One of the things that has not been up to scratch is my blogging. He went to the effort of adding a blog to my website so I could reach the masses (that would be you, dear reader) and stay current and connected. But after the initial flurry of posts I just, sort of, stopped. He says it looks like I died, which I think is bit of an overstatement, but he does have a point – my last blog was October 2013. And it’s not like I’ve done nothing in that time either. There has been an LFW, an LCM, celebrities, parties, working abroad, fashion shoots, portrait shoots, gig shoots, Dazed and Confused and a shit load in between. And you’ve missed it, because I am a lazy blogger. Bad Phil.

So, now I’m blogging. I’m blogging about not blogging. And I shall carry on blogging. I shall blog about what I’m doing. I shall blog about what is inspiring me. I shall blog about the insignificant things that fall out of my head. I. SHALL. BLOG.

And I’m going to kick things off by sharing with you some snaps I took whilst working on a private job on a minuscule Greek island call Kastellorizo. Enjoy…