Fash Fam

Today I have been arguing with children about the doing of homework. The same time exactly one week ago I was backstage at the Lucas Nascimento SS14 show taking photographs for the good people at 1883 Magazine. This is how the last week has been.

There is a palpable deflating of enthusiasm as normality returns and I spend the post-LFW week repeating the line “this time last week…”. I lament the passing of my LFW bubble. No more free Beauty Drink, no more air-kisses, no more PR girls in mini skirts, no more Fash Fam (Roxy and Jazz, I think I love you), no more being hit on by bloggers, no more free booze and subsequent hangovers… actually, I can live without the hangovers.

I’m no fashionista, so LFW isn’t about the fashion for me, though I grow to appreciate this more with each passing season. It is about the experience. The shows are good, the atmosphere is better, the people are the best. Or at least, the people I spent a lot of this past LFW with are. Jay, Luoana, Jazz, Roxy, the rest of the 1883 and Glam Media peeps, you rock my Fash Week world.

My best bit of fashion week though, the bit that I adore, is being backstage. There is an energy, a frenzy, an excitement that is hard to articulate and quantify, particularly as the show is happening. As a photographer, you are constantly on your toes and on the look out, involved but invisible. And timing is everything. There is so much happening around you – hair and make-up, run-throughs, the show itself – you have to constantly be ‘on’. “Exciting” just doesn’t do it justice.

And I get to do it all over again in February for the Autumn/Winter 2014 collections.

Here are the favourite photos from my LFW…