A Month After It Happened

Those who know me well know that my sieve-like memory doesn’t always allow me to keep on top of things. Send me an email and expect a reply that day? Foolish. Ask me to pay for the stag weekend for which I am a best man by February 28th? Get it in March (Sorry Rich). Things just slip through the gaps (like a sieve, see?!).

So those who know me well will forgive me for writing the irrelevance that is my London Fashion Week review blog a month after it happened. Those who don’t know me, you’ll learn to live with this and accept it amongst my many character flaws. If not, well, in the irritating words of my nearly teenage daughter, I couldn’t give one.

To begin with and because I am British, I feel it is important for me to tell you that the weather was good – didn’t rain once, or at least while I could see the light of day and it was quite beautiful some days, if a little cold. This is actually important as I feel London is best experienced on a crisp winter’s day. Plus, running between shows in the rain is pretty miserable.

So, to the shows… in total I did seventeen, seven of which I was backstage, which is where the real excitement is. Its also where the best freebies are. Chat up the PR girls and boys and you too could be walking home with two tubs of £80 face creams and a plethora of L’Oreal products.

This was my fourth fashion season and I feel like I’m starting to ‘get it’. I’m becoming a little more savvy and there are designers who, from season to season, I enjoy the collections of – John Rocha isn’t afraid to go big, but keeps it elegant, I dig Maria Grachvogel’s straight lines and simple designs, Ashish is the epitome of ‘hip’, Bora Aksu’s collections are gorgeously feminine yet strong and, although I don’t so much like Matthew Williamson’s collections, I appreciate his choices with regards to show spaces and set-ups (his lighting designer is a thoroughly nice chap too!).

However, as I said above, it’s backstage where I prefer to be. The bustle and excitement can be intoxicating. Can be. There were a couple of shows this time around that had a slightly flat atmosphere. I’m not going to give names, but PPQ and Emilio de la Morena were just boring! The models were sullen, the design and PR team a little too serious and they didn’t seem to appreciate the photographers being there. It shows in the photos too which, to be honest, is crap. But nevermind, there were plenty of other exciting shows which I was very pleased to witness.

Speaking of which, here are some of my favourite shots from London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013…

(I find it helps to look at the photos with some catchy pop/dubstep hybrid chart hit and imagine them as a montage.)