Rosie and the Vandals

This past week I did a photo shoot. Oh yes.

I was working again with the lovely Rosie Vanier on her very new musical project, Rosie and the Vandals. I had previously shot the cover for her solo EP which involved a MASSIVE white horse called Mr Happy, real furs (which are CREEPY), a little steampunk and freezing our collective bollocks off on a disused airfield/moor. It was, erm, a difficult shoot, but we live and learn. And I would like to categorically say that Rosie has no bollocks. Nor did the make-up artist. Or my wife who was assisting. DEFINITELY not my wife. Stop typing Phil.

So I was clearly delighted to learn that this one would be happening indoors… in a band members flat… where there would be heating and tea… and that the flat was above a pub…no, TWO pubs. This is where all shoots should be.

And we rocked it. AND we only went to the pub once, but it was deserved and the drummer owed me a drink for deciding to pick on me all day. Asshole.

So here we are, my favourite photo of the day. Left to right, guitarist Rich Searby-Bates, singer Rosie Vanier, bassist Lee ‘Pixie’ Matthews and drummer Bubs Taylor.