I don’t need the competition

For a couple of days last week the FdA Photography students at Truro College were (un)lucky enough to have me as a visiting lecturer. I gave some workshops on studio portraiture and the basic use of gels, all the while disseminating my preposterous ideas on photography, working methods and life in general. I gave them hints and tips, picked on a couple of them to show my authority, told them we were all Gods and then got them taking some simple photos of each other.

In all honesty, I was bricking it as I’ve never done any type of teaching before. Unless you count my taking over of friends shoots while we were at university after only being asked my opinion? No? They wouldn’t so I don’t suppose you would either. The workshops did, however,  go really well. The students were really receptive to my babblings and seemed to get a lot out of it, though hopefully not too much because they’re a talented bunch and I frankly don’t need the competition.

But either way, I can now add lecturing and guru-ing (not a word?) to my really short list of skills.

I didn’t take a single photo, so there’s none of those “on the job” or “behind the scenes” blog-style photos, so you’ll have to make do with a photo of Joe Wilde’s best “deer in headlights” look taken by Jessica Watts.





















Some of the students have blogs, websites and whatnot so go have a look. GO!