The Sun is Often Out

I love music, I do. I perhaps love music more than I love photography, but that’s just between us. When I listen to music I sort of see it in my head. This is not to say that I have synethesia or am unhinged in any way, more that I see scenes, both still and moving, created by the way the song affects me and makes me feel, pulling from my memory and imagination.

I always have music playing, either straight into my ear or just in the background, and I usually have it playing in shoots, creating moods and sometimes for trying to force my sitter into emoting. This obviously doesn’t always work as you can’t force these things, but any excuse to foist my musical taste onto others… I would defy you to look at the work of Philip Lorca diCorcia whilst listening to Sigur Ros’ “Hoppipolla” and not have some kind of revelatory or semi-religious experience. That’s perhaps an overstatement (a habit of mine), but music definitely changes things, revs them up, adds a hitherto unseen dimension. It does something.

I don’t know why I have never before thought to use these “visions” as direct inspiration for my work. So now I will.

I fell out of love with photography in 2012, going on auto pilot, producing work I felt I should be producing rather than that which I felt a need to, going long periods of time without even clicking a shutter. But music has saved me, given me some drive and focus to not only get back on track but to improve myself, perhaps even reinvent myself a little. I realised that I wanted to give my images more emotional weight too. It’s all well and good creating something “pretty”, but an artist’s job is to engage you for however long it is we have asked for your attention, so let’s give you something you might remember, something that leaves a mark.

To that end, here is what is provoking a new impetus, new enthusiasm and a new aesthetic direction for me. I offer to you the sumptuously talented Patrick Wolf’s beautifully melancholic song “The Sun is Often Out”…

Some credit for using the word “hitherto”? Anyone?!