Tasty Morsels

The catwalks may be where the fashion apogee occurs, but it’s backstage where the real fun’s to be had. It is manic, frenzied, crazed and other words that all mean the same thing and I bloody love it! I don’t just get to peek behind the curtain, I get to watch (and photograph) as the make-up artists, stylists and dressers tug the beautiful people back and forth, primping and preening under the all seeing, all knowing gaze of the great and powerful designer. The newly packaged delicacies are then lined up one by one and shoved (sometimes literally) out through the curtain into the bright lights, serving the tasty morsels up for the hoards of baying fashionistas who scrutinise as the chefs of this particular feast wait with baited breath.

So I may have mixed up some metaphors (you got the Wizard of Oz bit right?), but you get the picture. It’s a shit load of fun and I get a real kick out of being there.

To that end and for your delectation, here are some of my favourite shots from backstage at LFW SS13.