Fashion Backward

Seeing how London Fashion Week is nearly upon us again and as I will be going for the fourth time with the excellent people at 1883 Magazine, I thought I might just share some of my favourite photos of mine from the SS13 catwalk shows. They are mostly shots where I feel I nailed the composition and/or timing (yay me!), but there are also shots of Anna Wintour and Cara Delevigne, partly because they are ANNA FREAKIN’ WINTOUR and CARA FREAKIN’ DELAVIGNE, but mostly so I can show you how cool I am that I was in the same room as ANNA FREAKIN’ WINTOUR and CARA FREAKIN’ DELAVIGNE (who was actually in a show and so was sort of a captive of my lens).




















































































Also, for the people who love a fashion name drop, I had a conversation with Zandra Rhodes in a lift after the Matthew Williamson show which largely consisted of me smiling and nodding as she said stuff I didn’t understand and I bumped into (in a bad way) Hilary Alexander (who is VERY short – my excuse as to why I nearly knocked her on her ass – I just didn’t see her!) and I was the only one to find it hilarious that the Christopher Kane show happened opposite a Primark. There were also Z-listers like Christine Bleakley and Victoria Hervey swarming around the place, but I simply didn’t care.

(Note: I didn’t actually know who Cara Delevigne was until someone pointed it out after the show, which is decidedly less impressive. Also, Wintour and Delavigne are two of a very small group of fashion peeps I would know on sight as I am a Fashion Backward (a delicate piece of word play on the wankily ubiquitous phrase “Fashion Forward” that perhaps only fashionistas will get. And if they did get it, they’d be pretty unimpressed with it, as fashionistas usually are).)